Rising health care costs have emerged as the most contentious issue in collective bargaining, with hundreds of thousands of workers having gone on strike across the country to protect health benefits.  Staggering growth in US health costs has hurt American competitiveness in the global marketplace, put a damper on economic growth, and suppressed creation of good jobs for American workers.

In 2004, a group of national union and business leaders came to a common conclusion: No one union, no one company had a solution to the health care crisis.  A political solution was needed. Later that year, America’s Agenda: Health Care for All was founded with the mission of winning guaranteed access to affordable, high quality health care for every American.

Policy Development, Public Education, and Research

In 2006, the America’s Agenda Healthcare Education Fund was founded to promote innovation in the areas of health policy development and public communication that could compliment and advance America’s Agenda’s political advocacy mission. The Fund has become a pioneer in health care delivery system design, health reform policy, public education, leadership training, research and analysis.



The Essence

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