Summit Conversations Will Explore the Range of Consensus on Health Care Reform

August 26, 2008 - America's Agenda
By America's Agenda

At the Democratic Convention event honoring Dick Gephardt, America's Agenda announced the launch of its new Summit Conversations series on American health care for the 21st century.  The series, launching soon after the general election, will bring together America's leaders in business, labor, government and the health care sector for a series of high-profile discussions to held in cities across the country over the course of one year.

"There are mounting indications that there is an emerging consensus about the kind of health care system that will meet the needs of 21st century Americans,” said America's Agenda Doug Dority.  “The Summit Conversations will reveal the true range of convergence in our leaders' visions for America's health care future."

"The elements of consensus articulated in the Summit Conversations have potential to be important guides and motivators for federal and state policy makers who are likely to shape the direction of American health care in our new century," said America's Agenda Executive Director Mark Blum.


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