A Letter from Speaker Nancy Pelosi

May 06, 2009 - Office of the Speaker
By Nancy Pelosi

America's Agenda, Health Care for All 
Health Care Summit Conversations 
University of California, San Francisco 

Dear Friends, 

Best wishes for a successful Summit Conversation on American Health Care for the 2Ist Century at the University of Califomia- San Francisco. I want to extend special thanks to my friend Dick Gephardt for his leadership in moving the health care discussion forward. I also want to thank Doug Dority, the Board of America's Agenda, and all your sponsors for supporting Summit Conversations in cities across our country. 

I'd also like to thank UCSF and particularly Dr. Stephen Hauser, for hosting the San Francisco Summit Conversation at your impressive campus at Mission Bay. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to tour this facility and speak with UCSF scientists who are making a profound impact on the future of health care. UCSF is a beacon of excellence in research, medical education, and the practice of medicine. I am proud to represent UCSF in Congress and it is fitting that a  conversation about the future of American health care should be held at Mission Bay. 

In the first three months of 2009, Congress took bold steps to broaden access to health care in this country. Working with President Obama, the New Direction Congress is proud of passing the bill to offer health care coverage to 11 million children enacting the greatest improvement in health care in generations. The birth of every child reminds us that we must make the future better for our children. That is why our budget lays the groundwork for confronting the historic challenge of health care reform. 

Health care reform must be built on the principles of lowering costs, expanding access, improving quality, and doing so with a focus on prevention, wellness, and ending disparities. We must have a future in which health care is aright, not a privilege. Before the year is over, we will pass legislation for universal quality health care for all Americans. 

I look forward hearing from you as we work to develop and enact into law health reform legislation American families deserve. 

Best Regards, 

Nancy Pelosi 
Speaker of the House


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